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Welcome Back Tiger Families!

I sincerely hope that your summer has been filled with memories made for a lifetime! Are you ready??? I know that we are! This year proves to be the best yet!

The teachers and administration have worked diligently through the summer to give to your children the best instruction using the best curriculum while providing an excited and positive environment! Couple that with our PTA and parental support, and we will have a Win/Win year!

I am excited to be an NHES Tiger!!! Now is the time to continue and grow our work TOGETHER to make our school SHINE! The possibilities are endless! I'd like to share this story from the Master Teacher about the Great Redwoods of California:

"The great redwoods are one of the beautiful natural wonders of North America. These giant evergreens can grow to a towering 300 feet tall and live for hundreds of years. For all of their magnificence, one would think the redwoods would require a deep root system to keep them upright. Instead, they have roots that spread out along the surface of the forest floor to capture all the moisture possible, intertwining with the roots of  other redwoods in the grove. The interlocking roots securely support and sustain these giant sequoias when storms strike and fierce winds blow. The trees' survival depends on the combined support of one another. When we stand one another.....encourage one another.....we become strong together, and like the giant redwoods, we keep growing taller."

Together We Can Grow Taller like the Giant Redwoods!!!!

Paula Nelson, Principal


Tenacious Instruction Garners Exceptionally Responsible Students

Parent Reminders: 

Tardy Bell rings @ 8:00am. Arrivals after this time must report to the office.


Parents, family, friends, and neighbors, 

we need your help in making this year even more

successful than last year!

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Come back soon and often for all things
North Highlands Tigers!


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The North Highlands Elementary School Community will provide all students with the skills necessary to reach their highest academic potential.